March, 2018

Philadelphia NABC

When you read this report we will be days away from the NABC and I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia.

For the first time ever at a North American Championship, we will have a Rubber Bridge Room that will have continuous games on Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm. Entry is free. The only requirement is that you be an ACBL member and we are making the ACBL's new $8 temporary memberships available at the door if you are not yet one of us.

From 10 to 12 each day, some of the best players in the world will sit in and play a few hands - Gary Cohler, Eric Rodwell, Bob Hamman, Zia, Jeff Meckstroth, Sylvia Shi, Jerry Helms - will sit-in, just to name a few. Here's your chance to play a hand or two with a bridge luminary.

Players can cut in at any time. Click here for the house rules. Tom Smith will be hosting the event which will be held in Room 401-403 on the fourth floor of the Marriott.

Please spread the word and encourage social players to come to the Marriott and share the excitement of playing in an NABC.

District 4 has another first this year. Meyer Kotkin, Mike Giesler and John Dickenson have collaborated on a new format for knockout events at our regionals that will make the events more equitable and more fun for everyone. Additionally, the new, albeit experimental format will guarantee that all teams that enter the event will play both sessions on the first day. No more one session and done if you lose. The first of these experimental knockout events will be held at the Delaware Regional, April 30 - May 6 2018.

Teams will be grouped in brackets with a similar number of masterpoints, so that no team will be forced into a bracket that won't be a comfortable level of competition. The size of the brackets will not be determined by splitting the field equally, but by grouping teams together based on the total number of masterpoints. So, the top bracket (which is open to all teams that voluntarily want to play in the top bracket) might have 6 teams or it might have 8, but it will have players with the largest number of masterpoints. Similar equitable bracketing will continue down to the last bracket.

On the first day of the new two-day knockout event, players will play a Round Robin or Swiss team qualifier, and the highest scoring four teams will go into a knockout phase on day two. All players get to play all day on the first day.

On the second day when only four teams in each bracket remain, the teams that lose in the semi-final will play off against each other to get an overall third place and fourth place award. That ensures that all teams that reach the KO phase of the event will play all four sessions.

Click here for the conditions of contest prepared by Meyer.

See you all in Philadelphia!