District Director - Joann Glasson

Charity and Goodwill Appointments - 2018

District Director Report – September 2017

It is my honor to appoint new lifetime members from District 4 to the Charity and Goodwill Committees of the ACBL. These appointees are chosen because of the extraordinary contributions that have made to bridge and the bridge community.

My appointments to the Charity Committee for 2018 are:

Joelyn Shilliday - Clementon, NJ

Since retiring from her years of teaching music in Public and Parochial schools, Joelyn Shilliday has moved into a different area to make a contribution.

She now focuses her energy on making meals for the homeless. Three times a week she makes sandwiches and combines them into complete meals with drinks, snacks and dessert and delivers them to the needy in Camden and Philadelphia. She hands out over one hundred meals each week as she stops at various streets, parks and bus terminals to give the hungry a meal.

This has been an ongoing activity for Joelyn for the last four years and has been supported by many friends and sympathetic helpers.

Betty Youmans - Whitesboro, NY

As a child, Betty participated in many activities at The Neighborhood Center in Utica, NY, including Girl Scouts, cooking classes, after school groups and she also frequented the playground in the summer.

As an adult, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Neightborhood Center, so that she can help ensure that children today have a safe place to learn and play. Betty also gives bridge lessons to disadvantaged youth in the after school program at the Center.

Betty, along with all of the players in the Mohawk Valley Bridge Association, support Operation Sunshine each summer, which helps fund summer camps for children in the area.

My appointments to the Goodwill Committee for 2018 are:

Caroline Hughes – Wilmington, DE

Caroline Hughes, the current president of Unit 190, leads the Unit with energy and enthusiasm and continually embraces new ideas.

Among her accomplishments in Unit 190 is the establishment of a mentoring program with Karen Pollak. The program is designed to ease players into the world of duplicate bridge.

Caroline is an excellent mentor as well, a calm and steady table presence and a practitioner of active ethics. All admire her gentle presence in the bridge room. Caroline and her husband, John Strange, have taught bridge to local middle-school students as well.

Caroline is a great Bridge Ambassador.

Barbara Patterson - Furlong, PA

Barbara started AMI bridge with a partner in 2013 and went out on her own in 2014. She moved into her current location in Langhorne, PA two and one-half years ago.

Barbara has taught hundreds of beginning bridge players and nurtured them into playing duplicate bridge.

Barbara's bridge club is a friendly and fun environment in which to learn and play bridge. Her sunny personality is welcoming to all who enter and takes all the fear out of learning to play duplicate bridge.

The formula works. Barbara's club has been the number #1 club in Unit 141 in seven out of the last eight months.

Tom Purl - Downingtown, PA

Few know how much work goes into setting up and running sectional and regional tournaments, largely because of the efforts behind the scenes that make our tournaments run so smoothly.

When you attend a Unit 141 tournament you can see Tom in his signature cap everywhere.

Tom works at Philadelphia sectionals and at the Valley Forge regional, moving tables and chairs, putting out bidding boxes, helping the directing staff, caddying, running the partnership desk or filling whatever need exists.

Tom is the consumate volunteer. He loves the game of bridge and constantly works so that others can enjoy that experience.

Dian Wise - Ephrata, PA

Dian is a very bright spot in the Lancaster bridge community.

Dian does all the things at the local bridge club to make sure that those who have difficulty moving have what they need to make their day pleasant – their special chair, food and drinks.

She cares about her fellow players and makes them feel welcome - chatting with everyone.

In addition to this she organizes groups of three players who go to the homes of those players who are unable to come to the games and plays bridge with them until they are able to return to the bridge table.

Dian is also the Hospitality Chairman of the Lancaster Sectional and Regional tournaments.