Dear District 4 Members,

We look forward to seeing you all next week at the Philadelphia NABC. It's going to be a terrific tournament!

It's a great opportunity to enjoy playing bridge, enjoy the Atlantic City Boardwalk on Sunday night, see a wonderful a cappella group perform bridge parodies, and renew old acquaintances from all over the country.

Putting together an event like this (we anticipate 4,000 to 5,000 participants) is a monumental task and we would like to send a note of gratitude to our Committee Chairs who have labored for months to put this tournament together.

We owe them all our heartfelt gratitude for their tireless efforts.

Joann and Bob

Allison Brandt - Player Hospitality
Mike Giesler - Player Hospitality
Debi & John Klinger - I/N Program
Mary Miller - Registration
Lynn Ackerman - Registration
Judy & Bruce Gwaltney - Prizes
Dian Wise - Volunteer Hospitality
Elaine Weintraub - Information
Joan Warren - Tours
Dan Boye - Partnership
Pat Civale - Volunteer Coordinator/Finance
Ed Kung - Restaurant Guide
Janet Johnson - Restaurant Guide
Tom Purl - Partnership
Walter Mitchell - Partnership
Meyer Kotkin - Regional Schedule
Everett Young - Parking
Joann & Bob Glasson - Co-Chairs