1. Layout of the Online Partnership Desk program:

A. The index page:

1) When you click on the “Partnership Desk” tab, you will be brought to a list of Regional and Sectional Tournaments. The Regional Tournaments are at the top. Within each of the two sections the tournaments are sorted by date.

2) The “On-Line Partnership Desk” column contains a list of the names of the tournaments. If the entry is underlined, an online partnership desk has been set up for that event.

3) The column without a heading contains a link to a flyer for the tournament if one is available.

4) The last column, “Location,” contains a link to a Google map for the venue hosting the tournament.

5) To use the partnership program or to learn how to use it, you must click on a link to one of the tournaments.

B. The tournament page consists of five sections:

1) The area with a blue background has the tournament name and a link back to the index page. Although the tournament name is underlined, it is inert.

4) The light tan area has the registration information.

5) The light grey area at the bottom lists the events in the tournament.

2. How to learn about the program:

A. The link to the FAQ will allow you to read and/or print a list of frequently asked questions.

B. The link to the Tutorial shows a YouTube video explaining how to use the tournament section of the webpage. If this link does not work, you can just paste the following URL into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZm2q7G0DAk&feature=youtu.be.

C. The link labeled “Need More Help?” allows you to send an e-mail to the developer.

D. If you have a question about the implementation of the program for District 4 tournaments, or if you have discovered an error in the list of events, you should send an e-mail to joannglasson@msn.com.

3. How to register:

A. You only need to register once.

B. Fill in the information in the tan section of the page. The e-mail address and the phone number are not required, but if you want anyone to contact you, you should fill in at least one of them.

1) If you provide an e-mail address, the program will send you an e-mail when someone indicates that they want to play with you. It will also send you a confirming e-mail when you indicate that you wish to play with someone. The e-mail address is NOT visible to other players.

2) The telephone number is displayed as part of your player information after you register for an event in the Online Partnership Desk.

C. The selection that you make in the “Preferred System” pull-down menu is displayed as part of your player information after you register for an event in the Online Partnership Desk.

D. The selection that you make in the “MP Level” field must be consistent with the number of points that the ACBL has on file for you as of the end of the previous month. It is displayed as part of your player information after you register for an event in the Online Partnership Desk.

E. When all the fields are correct, click on the "REGISTER NOW" button. Your entry will be accepted unless:

1) You did not enter a valid ACBL number.

2) The Masterpoint level did not agree with the number on file with the ACBL. In that case a message that "You are not eligible for Match & Mail". Correct the point range and click on the "Enter" button.

4. How to log in:

A. In order to see who is looking for a team or a partner or to make known your own intentions, you must log in.

B. Just enter your ACBL number and click on the “Login” button. The information on file for you will be displayed, and the "REGISTER NOW" button will be replaced by an "Enter" button.

C. When you have logged in, the performance of the bottom part of the page changes.

1) The events for which you have made yourself available will have a number in the "Need" column.

2) When you click on an event that has a pull-down menu (a white box with a downward pointing arrowhead at the right), you will see a list of the people who are looking for teams or partners, including yourself if you have registered for the event.

5. How to look for a partner or team or make yourself available in the system.

A. The video does a very good job of describing this process.

B. Click on the event in which you want to play in the “Partnership Desk” column.

1) If you want to ask someone to play with you, just click on the person’s name and then click on Enter. An e-mail will be sent to them telling them how to contact you. A confirming e-mail will also be sent to you. If you prefer, you can, of course call them if they have provided a telephone number. The e-mail that the other player receives (you are also sent a copy) will come from d9partnershipdesk@gmail.com and will look something like this:

The "Bridge Connect Node Map" shows how the person who caused the e-mail to be sent performed in pairs events with various partners.

2) If you want to make yourself available, click on the appropriate line in the “Need” column.

a) Select 1 if you need a partner.

b) Team games:

(1) Select 1 if you have teammates but need a partner.

(2) Select 2 if you have a partner but need teammates.

(3) Select 3 if you need both a partner and teammates.

c) Click on the "Enter" button and wait a few seconds. When the page refreshes, you should see the number that you selected and, when you click on the event pull-down menu, your name and information.

C. Very important: When you no longer need a partner or teammates, go back into the event and select 0 in the “Need” column.