Bridge Base - Free Online Bridge Service - ACBL sanctioned games
Great Vugraph Shows and Partnership Bidding

Bridge Winners - Great hands and bridge topics

Vubridge - Free Autobridge revival - Play Hands Online with expert analysis

OKBridge - Interactive Bridge Play with an annual fee of $99/per year

Swan Games - Internet Bridge Club that offers running scores of national events

Ecats Bridge - European interactive bridge site

International Women's Online Bridge Club - Ladies only - 3 tournaments every day

American Contract Bridge League - Free learn to play bridge software

Great Bridge Links - Tons of information on a variety of bridge subjects

Marty Seligman - Bridge article about Marty

Eddie Kantar's 52 Bridge Facts - great advice to share with your partner

Suitplay - Freeware program that determines optimal play of suit combinations

Bridge with Larry Cohen - Bridge articles

Bridge Blog - Bridge blogging site

Jeff Goldsmith's Home Page - Jeff's personal homepage with interesting bridge stuff

Steve Robinson Bridge Articles - Great bridge theory for advanced players

Grant Baze's Rules of Bridge - More great rules for being a better bridge player

Play Bridge - Hand generator for practicing

Bridge Clues - Site with practice hands for learning - 2 new hands each day

Convention Card - to fill out with your favorite partner